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Questions And Answers

# Question Rating Category(s) Date
1 Why do some ESD ground cords have resistors in them and othe... 84% Audits, Bags, Simulators
5 Do tote boxes need to have lids on while boards are in them?... 95% Audits, Bags, Resistance
345 I was wondering what requirements it takes to meet military ... 0% Bags
355 I am looking for ESD plastic that is used in electronical pr... 0% Bags, Insulators
374 Is it a requirement of some standard that 'pink' antistatic ... 100% Antistatic (Low Charging), Bags, Standards
391 If parts (resistors,pwb,) are placed inside a Pink Poly Bag ... 100% Bags, Packaging
403 In the last newsletter it said to use a desiccant pack in th... 0% Bags, Humidity
435 We seem to be having a difficult time finding bags that are ... 20% Bags
706 Is it critical for a static shielding bag to be sealed shut?... 100% Bags, Shielding 2/27/2001
725 Can Statshield metal-in bags be used for containing objects ... 0% Bags, Packaging, Environmental Conditions 5/2/2001
757 Our application would need minimal protection since it is no... 0% Bags, Packaging 10/24/2000
758 I am requesting a quote on an antistatic bag of the cheapest... 0% Bags, Packaging 10/20/2000
771 We have read with interest your information on ESD bags. We... 0% Bags 10/24/2000
830 Please send me ESD bags prices, Thanks -Anonymous 0% Bags 11/24/2000
893 Metal In vs Metal out bags. Which is better for ESD protecti... 100% Bags 10/24/2000
925 Is it possible to charge with static charges on an ordinary ... 0% Bags, Electric Fields, Floors 5/28/2001
931 We currently package our products in SCC 1000 static shield ... 100% Bags, Packaging 8/18/2000
968 Recently our purchasing has given me some shielding bag for ... 0% Bags, Standards 7/26/2000
977 I have noticed from your technical information sheets that y... 0% Bags 7/19/2000
996 I need to store and protect my circuit boards and am looking... 100% Bags 6/19/2001