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Questions And Answers

# Question Rating Category(s) Date
53 The wrist strap testers listed in the catalog mentions utili... 0% Ionization
67 Much of our manufacturing floor is covered with dissipative ... 0% Ionization
88 We have been working on ESD reduction to below 5 volts level... 0% Ionization
89 Please define the following: 1. Anti-static bags 2. Dissipat... 60% Ionization
112 If you have an electronic box (metal encased) with static se... 100% Ionization
146 I need a device to pull ESD sensitive PC boards from a syste... 100% Ionization
148 One of our vendors ships ESD parts with a rubber band wrappe... 0% Ionization
156 Can ESD damage a processor like a Pentium processor for a co... 0% Ionization
179 We are working in a very high voltage environment, for the s... 0% Ionization
187 I was just told that capacitors are not ESD sensitive. This ... 80% Ionization
222 I am planning to setup an ESD movable workbench that I can u... 0% Ionization
224 Thanks for your help, I had a few questions in regards to so... 60% Ionization
227 The way we curb ESD issues is by preventive measures like we... 0% Ionization
236 Is it correct to say: If workers would always touch the Powe... 0% Ionization
256 What are the guidelines for acceptable resistance range limi... 80% Ionization
265 How does one detect the effectiveness of the cordless wrist ... 100% Ionization
274 Why don't I get killed when I touch a 110V 60 hertz circuit?... 0% Ionization
287 I develop MS Access 97 applications and I would like to impo... 0% Ionization
306 What is the difference in meaning between these symbols. Our... 0% Ionization
363 There have been questions about what ionizers produce, speci... 0% Ionization