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Questions And Answers

# Question Rating Category(s) Date
2 I usually wear one foot grounder, but have been told to wear... 97% Chairs, Resistance
5 Do tote boxes need to have lids on while boards are in them?... 95% Audits, Bags, Resistance
22 Currently my company is using cardboard templates to check f... 60% Resistance
104 One of the FAQ's dealt with the static dissipative applicati... 0% Resistance
134 I work in the Quality department of an electronics manufactu... 86% Resistance
273 Why or how does the resistance of the human body vary greatl... 0% Resistance
346 I have one question, how is the surface resistance calculate... 90% Resistance
353 We currently have an RTG tester and are using it to test tab... 0% Resistance, Test Equipment
429 What is the relevence of the parameter “point to point resis... 0% Resistance, Standards
438 I read a document through internet “Controlling your dischar... 0% Resistance
698 ANSI/ESD 520.20-1999,Table I states the work surface resist... 20% Mats, Resistance 6/9/2000
712 What is the typical surface to ground resistance? - Anonymou... 0% Mats, Resistance 4/22/2001
721 Why would more dissipative table mats be better than more co... 0% Mats, Resistance 5/3/2001
741 We are interested in an ESD paint to be used on one of our p... 0% Paint, Resistance 10/13/2000
760 We currently are not using a 1 megohm grounding unit (wristc... 80% Grounding, Resistance 10/20/2000
792 Which category of conductive, antistatic and insulative is s... 0% ESD, ESD Control Program, Resistance 10/24/2000
794 What is the relationship between the electrostatic potential... 0% Electric Fields, Resistance 10/24/2000
821 Improving performance of dissipative carpet, minimum resista... 0% Carpet, Floors, Resistance 11/13/2000
936 1) Is static dissipative range 10^5 to 10^9 ohms the norm or... 100% Resistance, Brushes 8/14/2000
950 Why would more dissipative table mats be better than more co... 0% Discharge Times, Mats, Resistance 5/1/2001