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Questions And Answers

# Question Rating Category(s) Date
14 The answer to question 6 says that if the operator, ESD mat,... 94% Test Equipment
21 When wearing foot straps how important is it that the strap ... 100% Test Equipment
28 We are trying to incorporate inexpensive ESD flooring to imp... 100% Test Equipment
36 I am not clear on the value of wearing a smock. People at my... 98% Test Equipment
101 I have been researching for a good way to ground our techs o... 0% Test Equipment
140 If an operator is wearing a 270K wrist strap, conductive sho... 100% Test Equipment
155 Are there any health issues related to ionizers? - SuMei, Wa... 0% Test Equipment
164 I have to use safety glasses in a clean room environment for... 40% Test Equipment
184 Would you please advise how to measure ESD level during IC d... 0% Test Equipment
185 Would like to install a panel mount banana plug into a compu... 0% Test Equipment
196 When taking measurements from our LCD megohmeter and using t... 0% Test Equipment
197 We are a small contract manufacturing company. We build hybr... 0% Test Equipment
200 Your FAQ mentions an antistatic spray for carpets. I looked ... 20% Test Equipment
207 I used a digital meter, a Fluke 8020A Multimeter for testing... 0% Test Equipment
208 But in concern with the Multimeter, you say that we need an ... 80% Test Equipment
209 A power supply manufacturer has RF generators that create a ... 0% Test Equipment
233 Some partners are using conductive benches and they consider... 0% Test Equipment
242 Our Engineers decided that a bench earth ground was not need... 0% Test Equipment
252 If I treat a plastic part (Lexan) with a topical antistat so... 100% Test Equipment
257 Are there any reports of ESD damage to BIOS and system chips... 0% Test Equipment