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Question We have a static dissapative floor in place and are looking to purchase ESD safe shoes. I have been unable to find any standards or information which will tell me the RTG figures of ESD safe shoes. ie 10^6 (1 meg ) to 10^8 (100 meg) seems to be figures I have seen but I am looking for a definite answer. My company manufactures semiconductor products and I need to be sure we purchase the correct product. - Anonymous, Christchurch, New Zealand
Answer The ESD Association's standard on ESD Shoes is titled Footwear –
Resistive Characterization (not to include heel straps and toe grounders), ESD S9.1-1995. ANSI/ESD S20.20 refences ESD Footwear [Shoes] with a resistance limit of < 1x10^9 ohms.
[Note: the ESD S9.1 also recommends a lower limit of 1x10^6 ohms]

We have two testers that were designed to test to this limit, the PGT-1 Wrist Strap/Foot Wear Tester and our Deluxe Combo Tester. The Wrist Strap/Foot Wear Tester unit also tests at a higher voltage, 22 volts for a more accurate reading on your ESD Shoes.
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