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Question What is the required frequency of compliance verification testing of ESD foot grounders. Is it required to re-test foot grounders every time a worker leaves and is re-entering the ESD protected area?
Answer Compliance verification should be performed prior to each use (daily, shift change, etc.). A company could choose to require re-testing for every entry into the ESD protected area, particularly if there is reason to believe that foot grounder surface is contaminated with insulative dirt. For years, the ESD Association did not have a standard on Foot Grounders. It now has ESD SP9.2-2003 Footwear - Foot Grounders Resistive Characterization (not to include static control shoes). In its "APPENDIX B - Foot Grounder Usage Guidance, Compliance verification should be performed prior to each use (daily, shift change, etc.). The accumulation of insulative materials on the FCS may increase the foot grounder system resistance. If foot grounders are worn outside the ESD protected area testing for functionality before reentry to the ESD protected area should be considered."Note reentry testing is required by the European standard: Per User Guide EN 61340-5-2 Paragraph 5.2.8 Footwear "Where toe and heel straps are used as ESID footwear, once these are worn outside the EPA, particularly on carpets, they are likely to accumulate fluff and become ineffective; this requires that they be checked or replaced on every visit to the EPA."
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