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Question I need a device to pull ESD sensitive PC boards from a system, what is the best ESD material to use in the device that grabs hold and pulls them out, antistatic, conductive, or static dissipative material? - Peter , Missouri City, TX
Answer The best protection is to ensure that the boards are protected at all stages of its handling. This includes storage, picking, assembly, inspection and final packaging. When the board needs to be handled, make sure the operator or machine that handles it is grounded and the contact surface is electrically dissipative as well. If the surface is too conductive, an ESD could easily occur between the board and this point of contact (human hand, robot hand). A material that is also anti-static is a bonus, but the most important properties for the material coming into contact with the board is to be dissipative (> 1E4 ohms) and grounded.
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