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Question What are the guidelines for acceptable resistance range limits for ESD wrist straps/footwear? Are these ranges dependent upon types of devices being worked on? - Anonymous, Skaneateles Falls, NY
Answer The ranges of wrist strap testers (testing a wrist strap systems continuity) according to the ESD S1.1-1998 is less 10 Megohms. For additional operator safety, the industry uses 1 megohm resistors in series with the wrists straps ground path closest to the operator (usually at the snap/buckle interface). Therefore the complete range that we set our units 750 kilohms to 10 Megohms. For footwear, this is company dependent, but we factory set our standard footwear testers between 750 kilohms and 100 Megohms. There are variations on the high, e.g., 10 Megohms to 1 gigohm, but is application or internal program dependent. Summary: Ranges for testing wrist straps and footwear for ESD control in the semiconductor/electronic assembly is - 750 kilohm < Wrist Strap < 10 megohm750 kilohm < Foot Wear < 100 megohm
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