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Question What are the advantages of testing wrist straps with a wrist strap tester over using a VOM [Volt Ohm Meter] with a Megohm range such as a Fluke 85? - Scott, Menomonee Falls, WI
Answer The are several reasons why you wouldn't want to use a VOM over a wrist strap tester. First, typical VOMs have a 3 Volt testing voltage, which will give you a different reading than a typical wrist strap tester, which has an open circuit voltage from 9 to 30 volts (depending on the manufacturer). A lower testing (open circuit) voltage will tend to measure higher Ohm readings. Second, a VOM will not automatically warn you when you go above or below recommended resistance ranges. Thirdly, the contact mechanism may not always be consistent with a VOM (wire leads) versus the electrical test plate and banana jack combination for the testing circuit in a standard wrist strap tester. You could make a special jig for your VOM to get around this, but will not have the ease of use of confidence of consistency as a specifically design wrist strap tester.
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