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Question What is the purpose of a 1 Megohm resistor in semiconductor assembly layout? - Anonymous, Malaysia
Answer Assumption 1: We are talking In terms of ESD control. Assumption 2: The human body is involved in handling semiconductors or devices with semiconductors. The purpose of the 1 Megohm resistor found in series with wrist straps, foot grounders, drag chains, and ground cords is solely to provide safety to the human body by limiting the amount of current that could be conducted through your body. Underwriters Laboratory has approved selective model foot grounders and wrist straps only with a 1 or 2 Megohm resistor in series. The major dictates of the 1 Megohm resistor is that at 250 Volts rms AC, the current is limited to 250 microamps, just below the perception level (and a bit before the nervous system goes awry) of most people. Physical perception of current traveling in/on the body varies depending on size, weight, water content, skin conditions, etc.
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