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Question I got a strange question this morning. A hospital has a neurological operating room that they want to shield from radio waves and electrical interference so that it doesn’t interfere with their sensitive equipment. Is there anything that the hospital can do to properly shield their room? How about the individual devices? –Anonymous, Marlboro, MA
Answer This is EMI shielding and not ESD. They would have to shield their entire room, all six sides (floor/ceiling/walls) and all openings/lights/windows/doors which can become quite costly.

The better alternative is to shield the individual sensitive devices. Again, EMI shielding practices must be adhered to be effective. First step is identifying what frequencies of EMI are needed to shield against and then designing the shielding accordingly.

One supplier that may help is Chomerics. Their phone is 781-935-4850, web site: http://www.chomerics.com/ which might be a good start.

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