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Question Recently I was checking our Ion bars with two different charge plates (one smaller and portable, one that was a regular charge plate) when taking readings in the same area and distance from the Ion bars, the portable one was at about 6V and the regular charge plate was at -8V. Which one am I to believe when I am trying to balance my Ion bars? When the spec for a charge plate says +/- X volts, is this X % of the total voltage range or is this relative to the charge being detected (i.e. 1% of 1500V or is it 1% of 8V)? - Anonymous, Longmont, CO
Answer First off, check as to when each of your charge plate analyzers were last calibrated to make sure they are still in spec and not out of cal. Second, check with the manufactures specs for measurement accuracies. Third, the plate areas may be different. Ion bars have several emitters along their axial length. Make sure you are at the same distance and covering the same area. If the emitters are DC and alternate polarity every inch, your measurement may be influenced by plate positioning. The accuracy should relate to the voltage being read from the plate. Check with the manufacturer's data sheet to confirm this applies to your
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