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Question We are moving to a new facility soon and need to decide on the floor coating. In our present facility we use a carbon based paint. It doesn’t wear extremely well, but the major problem is it comes in black or dark gray colors only. We would like the new facility to have a bright clean look. What are options for conductive or ESD floor paints (coatings?) that come in bright shiny colors? Anonymous, Springfield, Missouri
Answer There are not very many choices for bright colored ESD paint. There are a few manufacturers of pastel type epoxy based ESD paints. I am not familiar enough with them to recommend any. We do manufacturer an ESD paint that is proven in the industry, but only comes in 33 shades of battleship grey. Other options would be using permanently conductive vinyl floor tiles which do come in light colors, beige, white, and grey. We have supplied these quality floor tiles for several years and all customers who’ve installed them are very satisfied. These tiles are guaranteed to be conductive for life. You can also use our Statproof® floor finish to bring out a nice bright sheen to the floor.
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