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Question On pages 91 and 92 of on the article, "Controlling Work Station Discharge Times", (EE Journal - January 1998), it was typed that the discharge time must be slower than 2.01 ms and faster than 76.5 ms on the other hand. And according to table 2 (page 88), that mat surface resistance must be 1x106 - 1x107 ohms and not 2.2x103 ohms, as it was typed on pages 91. For 2.2x103 ohms, the discharge time must be 2 micro seconds. Please advise which is correct. - Anonymous, Rishon Le'Zion, Israel
Answer The correct unit should be micro seconds and not milli seconds. When the editors converted my text, they changed my “mu” (micro symbol) to an “m” for milli which is incorrect.

2.01x10-6 seconds is the correct time to be slower than for safe discharges according to the simplification of the variables used to determine mat’s equivalent resistance and reactance.
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