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Question I would like to get some information on your products. We are a software department and they have moved us into carpeted area where we are zapping machines and computer cards. There is so much electricity being generated up here that I think we could run a small town for a couple of years. :-) Please Help.... - Jason, Twinsburg, Ohio
Answer You would be well served with our Statproof® Carpet Protector for your static generating carpets. <http://www.esdsystems.com/ViewCategories.aspx?i=160> 26060 - Carpet Protector Carpet Protector, 1 quart Controls the generation and build-up of static charges on carpeting and fabric chairs Provides excellent dry soil and stain resistance Can be applied to fabric chairs, carpet and other fiber materials Water based, easy to apply Trigger spray quart makes product easy to apply to small carpet areas and fabric chairs Coverage: 1,200 sq ft per gallon of concentrate, 25 sq ft per ready-to-use quart Statproof® Carpet protector Tech Brief: < http://esdsystems.com/pdf/ps-2082.pdf > In addition our web site incorporates eCommerce substantially reducing your transaction costs as you place orders for your ESD protective products on-line. Make your ESD control program click with ESD Systems.com. Have you checked into our on-line ESD training site < http://www.esdsystems.com/Training.aspx > ? This site offers a comprehensive coverage of common ESD topics, product info, questions and answers as well as a Certification Exam, < http://www.esdsystems.com/MyExams/Default.aspx >.
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