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Question From your table of susceptibility of electronic components to ESD, for example VMOS with range of 30-1200 volts. Does that mean if the device is in contact with the conductor with voltage range or 30-1200, it will cause the device damage? What if the conductor with voltage more than 1200 volts? Does that mean the device will not be damaged by the conductor? - Chen Yann Ni, Malaysia
Answer What that means is, depending on the device and it's specific ESD Susceptibility and ESD model (HBM, CDM, etc.) that it could be damaged with the range from 30 volts to 1200 volts. Any exposure over 1200 volts would be a sure fire bet to result in damage. E.g., a VMOS device with a manufactures rated CDM susceptibility to greater than 500 volts, then if it is hit with 600 volts, it will most likely be damaged.
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