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Question I read about this device in an article and it read as follows:“Static collectors Devices that collect static electricity can be used on moving belts, plastic film, and similar non-conductive materials. Some examples of static collectors include: needle pointed copper combs; spring copper brushes; and metallic tinsel bars. A static collector works by its closeness to the source that generates the static electricity. If a discharge occurs, it is captured by the highly conductive collector; this prevents long hot sparks. To be effective, collectors must be properly grounded.” Maybe my query is better explained now and you have an idea about this device. - Anonymous
Answer Okay, these "static collectors" are used on Webs in industrial ESD applications and work by physical proximity to a charged surface causing minute ESD events or discharges to the fine fibers of the "static collector". We do not manufacture nor sell this equipment, but do have alternative solutions. The result of using the "static collectors" is to reduce the overall charge on a charged surface, i.e., web. The same result can be obtained by using our overhead ionizers to reduce the charge imbalance.
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