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56 Should wafer fabs take the same level of precaution for EOS/... 0% EMI
400 My company is an OEM in the packaging industry We currently ... 0% EMI
401 I got a strange question this morning. A hospital has a neur... 0% EMI
415 During electrostatic discharge what radio wave spectrum is b... 80% EMI, ESD
416 I have a PC user that has used four PCs in the last three mo... 0% EMI, ESD
705 Will magnets cause ESD damage. If so how close to the produc... 80% EMI, Magnetic 2/28/2001
747 I am trying to eliminate the use of personal radios on our p... 0% EMI 10/13/2000
835 I need to prove to a customer what the ESD effects are to a ... 0% EMI, Computers 11/24/2000
972 I'm an engineer working for LGIC in Korea. I have a question... 0% EMI, ESD 7/20/2000
1029 I recently found out that my problem with electronics could ... 100% EMI, Static Electricity, Electricity 8/31/2001