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39 Static charges are a real problem in the printing industry. ... 100% Floor Finish
42 I have some benches on carpet, can I get away with ESD mats ... 100% Floor Finish
162 About the application of wrist strap and bench mat, it is a ... 0% Floor Finish
213 What level of ESD immunity do I need to define for our produ... 0% Floor Finish
219 Are there any hard and fast requirements for control of rela... 0% Floor Finish
230 In question #175, Mr. McTernan asked how ESD caused damage t... 0% Floor Finish
249 Customers are having a hard time working out how a masking t... 0% Floor Finish
278 How do I determine the effectiveness of packaging to reduce ... 0% Floor Finish
395 An untreated cement flooring may measure no static voltage e... 0% Floors, Floor Finish
437 I would like to know the shelf-life of your StatProof® ... 100% Floor Finish
676 My manufacturing facility has a sealed concrete floor. It i... 0% Floor Finish 9/5/2000
740 What is the brand or vendor name of the ESD wax? How much i... 0% Floors, Floor Finish 10/20/2000
800 We have a customer using someone elses brand of maintenance ... 0% Floor Finish, Floor Maintenance 10/13/2000
826 We are converting a small amount (<300 sq ft) of office s... 0% Floors, Floor Finish 11/13/2000
872 I would like to take with a technical representative about: ... 0% Floors, Floor Finish 11/24/2000
878 We have recently started using your floor care products on a... 0% Floor Finish 12/24/2000
908 Referring To Tech Brief PS-2026, e.g. grounding... product i... 100% Floor Finish 10/13/2000
957 Following is my other questions on ESD, could you give me th... 0% Floors, Floor Finish 8/11/2000
1069 Dear Sir,

Terry Skrypek, at Marlborough site of Compa...
100% Floor Finish, Floor Maintenance 2/27/1753
1087 We have recently started using your floor care products on a... 0% Floor Finish 11/3/1753