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4 What is the purpose of a 1 Megohm resistor in semiconductor ... 98% ESD Control Program, Wrist Straps
12 Are wrist straps necessary if all other ESD precautions are ... 80% Wrist Straps
13 We have weekly monitoring of [our] ESD work surface to ensur... 48% Wrist Straps
18 If a device is put into a box with the leads floating, and t... 96% Wrist Straps
20 I am looking for a machinable conductive plastic material fo... 100% Wrist Straps
50 We have a requirement from our customer to meet Bellcore GR-... 100% Wrist Straps
59 Is it proper to connect an ESD flooring system to the buildi... 80% Wrist Straps
70 I have looked all over your homepage and it's nice but I cou... 60% Wrist Straps
71 In direct answer to your question regarding: "is the any val... 60% Wrist Straps
86 I am responsible for configuring a network room that will co... 0% Wrist Straps
117 We want to buy conductive foam, but we have an issue to solv... 100% Wrist Straps
126 I looked into [your] web site, but what I was more intereste... 0% Wrist Straps
132 Our company uses Teflon fixtures in handling of static sensi... 100% Wrist Straps
326 Our operators perform soldering work on dissipative (borderl... 0% Wrist Straps
341 Can finger cots take the place of wrist straps and/or heel s... 90% Finger Cots, Wrist Straps
342 hi, i want to know about esd wrist straps. i want to know wh... 100% Grounding, Wrist Straps
362 One of my customer has this myth in his mind: "When I wear w... 100% Wrist Straps
396 Wanted to find out the difference in ESD effectiveness of us... 0% Grounding, Wrist Straps
406 Wrist ground straps are the primary method of ESD protection... 80% Test Equipment, Wrist Straps
407 What is the proper connection for a ESD system, from wrist s... 20% Standards, Wrist Straps