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Question Dear Sir; I have a fairly basic question about the use of Nupla Corporations products. We manufacture fiberglass handled digging and striking tools. Would static electrical buildup in a shovel being used in a natural gas environment have enough energy discharge to create a hazard? Would the energy created be similar to that of a wood handled shovel? Other circumstances are that the tools have steel blades and are being used in a typical digging application. If you cannot answer these questions can you recommend someone who can.
Thank you in advance for whatever help you can offer.

Wayne Kozik, Regional Manager
Answer Wayne,

It is good to recognize triboelectric generation and the consequential ESD (electrostatic discharge) as a potential problem in explosive or combustible environments. However to directly answer your question is beyond the scope of our expertise as we deal mainly with protecting electronic devices in the production/assembly processes from ESD.
My advice is to seek aid from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) which directly helps in Controlling Fire/Ignition Hazards from Static Electricity.
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