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Question 1. I want to know the quality of cordless wrist strap. It is possible to use instead of normal ground cord wrist trap or not? 2. Can you explain the principle of cordless wrist straps for me? 3. Which is the best way for protect ESD? [My company received the certificate of ISO9002 in 1995. Our product is IC semiconductor. In present condition we use many tools for protect ESD such ground cord wrist strap, smock, conductive shoe. We are interested in cordless wrist strap but do not sure it has same quality as ground cord or not.] - Itsarapong Sinunta, Thai NJR Co., Ltd., Lamphun, Thailand
Answer There is no cordless wrist strap yet on the market that works at all. In fact cordless wrist straps will damage ESDS devices because you will not be grounding your body. DO NOT USE CORDLESS WRIST STRAPS IN YOUR ESD CONTROL PROGRAM, THESE DO NOT WORK YET. Refer to Q&A Answer #17 and Answer #71. The best way to ground human operators is to wear a quality grounded ESD wrist band and coil ground cord which would have a 1 Megohm resistor in series at the buckle snap.
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