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Question Is a combo Tester limited to testing Wrist Straps and Foot Grounders, or can it test ESD smocks?
Answer The Combo Tester is designed for Wrist Strap and Foot Grounder testing. If using a Statshield® ESD Smock with hip-to-cuff, the Combo Tester can be used to test its "Wrist Strap" function via conductive cuff in accordance with ESD S1.1 Paragraph 5.11 requirement less than 10 megohms (10^10 ohms).- Set Combo Tester to Wrist Strap- Plug hip-to-cuff coil into Combo Tester- Make sure conductive cuff (or snapped wrist band) is snug on person's wrist - Touch finger to Combo Tester Does this test the ESD Smock? Yes, in regards to path-to-ground from cuff to hip-to -cuff snap.But no, in regards to the following: And ESD Smock has three important ESD control properties:- Low charging material that will limit tribocharging- Dissipative, when grounded able to remove charges generated on workers' clothing to the inner layer of smock The ESD Association standard for ESD garments is ESD STM2.1-1997. It contains two test procedures for evaluating Smocks. It describes a Sleeve to Sleeve Test (which uses special clamps) and a Panel to Panel Test that uses a Association shielding test, however, effective shielding can easily be demonstrated using a Static Field Meter. ESD Handbook TR 20.20 Paragraph Periodic Testing states: "To maintain process control, it is imperative that the garment be tested per ESD STM 2.1. The point to point and sleeve to sleeve resistance test should be made."using the Combo Test will not identify failure in panel to panel conductivity. Via the hip-to-cuff coil cord, the ESD smock could be removing charges from the person, however, the problem could be having a portion of the smock be an isolated charge conductor which could induce charges nearby insulators and conductors.
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