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Question Why the ESD shielding bag may discharge the static? What is the procedure of discharge? What is the difference between antistatic bag and ESD shielding bag? - Anonymous, Hong Kong, China
Answer An ESD shielding bag may discharge the static because the bag has conductive properties on its surface (inner, outer or both) and comes into contact with another conductor (ESD grounded mat). For the shielding bag to discharge, it must possess the property of conductance and come in contact with another conductor (usually grounded). An anti-static bag has anti-static properties and may not have shielding, conductive, or MVB properties. All anti-static means is that the bag will not tribocharge over a certain voltage (usually 250 Volts). A shielding bag has metal foil or film that is electrically conductive in all directions along the bag material. The use of either bag will depend on the device(s) you are trying to protect. A conductive (in the dissipative range), anti-static, shielding, and moisture vapor barrier material will make the best bag for protecting almost all sensitive parts, but might be overkill.
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