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Question We will be stowing ESD sensitive PC cards in special ESD resistant card carriers. Ten of these card carriers will then be put in a nomex bag that is nonconductive. The nomex bag containing these card carriers (with cards in them) will then be put in a storage compartment aboard the Shuttle for a trip to space station. My question is, should the bag containing the card carriers be made of a conductive material? - Anonymous, Missouri City, TX
Answer If the card carriers are completely closed (on all six sides) and sealed (electrically) then the material/properties of the bag are not relevant to the ESD safety of the cards. If the card carriers are “open”, then the bag should be both anti-static (non-tribocharging) and dissipative (10^6 - 10^11 ohms). Preferred bags are shielding bags, such as those made from Metal-In or MVB film. When the cards are needed, the bag should be grounded (to remove any charge imbalances) before being opened and handled by grounded personnel. The nomex bag may be for heat resistant properties to protect it’s contents. You can still use this bag if either the card carriers are closed containers or the card carriers are put into a shielding bag first then the nomex bag second (outside).
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