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Question Could you please provide a simple (non-scientist) definition of "tribocharge" and info. about tribocharge applications that either makes use of it or combat it? - Anonymous, E.Greenwich, RI
Answer Tribocharge simply means the generating of a static charge on two surfaces that come in contact and then separate with each other. There is a list of materials, called the Triboelectric Series chart, that gives an indication of how much charge can be The correct term for "tribocharge" is "triboelectric generation". In ESD Control, we try to prevent triboelectric charging (tribocharging). This control protects sensitive devices (semiconductor - electronics) from an ESD event (electrical or static discharge). Prevention of tribocharging can be accomplished by using antistatic materials or minimize its affects by grounding conductors and controlling non-conductors by neutralizing them with ionization. An antistatic material is one designed to minimize the affect of tribocharging, regardless of the material brought into contact with it. In other industries, triboelectric generation is a property that helps or makes certain products work. Examples are laser or photocopiers [using static (electric fields) to attract the toner material in the pattern or image of the work (text, pictures, etc.) onto a drum to transfer onto the paper], very high voltage power supplies for lasers or research [Van de Graaf type Generators], for bonding two very flat and smooth materials [attractive force will keep the two materials firmly attached if very smooth and flat in precision machinery, IC fabrication, etc.], and aviation (part of the power generation system for some high-tech aircraft).
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