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Question I was wondering what requirements it takes to meet military standards B81705 Types 2 and 3. Any info would be appreciated. - Anonymous, Rochester, New York
Answer There are several properties that must be met to meet MIL-B-81705C for type II and III such as: Seam Strength (no separation) Seam Fabrication (no leakage at double seam junction) Resistance to Curl (shall not curl in excess of 5% or curl back upon itself) Resistance to blocking (no blocking, delamination or rupture) Contact corrosivity (no corrosion, etching or pitting in contact area) Resistance to aging (no delamination) Thickness (0.006 inches max) Water resistance of markings (no smearing, blurring or loss of legibility) Water resistance (no delamination)Transparency (read lettering 3 inches behind material) MVTR (N/A)Delamination (no leakage, swelling, delamination or embrittlement)Waterproofness (no dye penetration)Puncture resistance (minimum force 6 pounds to puncture)Static decay (less than 2.00 seconds)Electromagnetic interference (EMI) attenuation –Type III only (10 db min)Surface resistivity (inner: >/= 1x105 ohms and <1x1012 ohms, outer: < 1x1012 ohms)Static shielding – Type III only (30 volt peak (max))The good news is our metal-in and metal-out bags meet the requirements for Type III and our clear dissipative bags meet Type II as shown in the below table.
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