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Question Is it a requirement of some standard that 'pink' antistatic bags be embossed with an ESD symbol? We are receiving these without embossing and our supplier wants to charge extra. It has been my understanding that all bags were to be embossed. All of our Metalized bags and Moisture Barrier bags come embossed or silk screened - so why not the 'pink' antistatic bags? -Bill, San Diego, CA
Answer EIA-541 states that Bags and pouches that are treated with antistatic agents shall be individually identified as “antistat treated” by marking , embossing, printing, labeling or other suitable means to prevent use of other similar but non-antistatic bags and pouches where antistatic properties are desired. Antistatic materials shall be marked with the manufacturer’s name. Lot number or date of manufacture shall also appear (month and year, e.g., 12/86).

A similar requirement for Electrostatic Shielding with identification of “ESD shielding” is required for these types of Bags too by EIA-541.

The standard ANSI/ESD S11.31, Shielding Materials – Bags just provides a test method to evaluate the performance of ESD shielding bags.

There is an associated cost to emboss or silk screen each bag so you may want to work that out with your supplier.

A superior bag to pink poly is our new Statfree® Ultra Clear ESD Barrier Bags. All of our bags are clearly marked and identified as standard product. These bags come standard in many sizes and with or without zippers for easy storage handling.

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