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Question What is the proper way to make the floors ESD-safe? Is static dissipative wax alone enough?. - Anonymous, Portland, OR
Answer Using static dissipative floor finish (wax in general is insulative) is a very good start for making your floors ESD safe. To complete your ESD safe floor system, you need to include either ESD foot grounders or ESD shoes, drag chains on mobile carts & chairs, ESD Awareness signs at the entrances (alerting employees to don ESD foot wear) to your ESD safe areas, and optional floor tape marking off the ESD floor. You also need to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for application and maintenance. NOTE: We recommend at least 60 square feet of floor finish to properly couple this to ground (act as a large enough capacitor) to reduce charge imbalances to zero as well as at least 3 coats of finish to attain the proper resistance range (<1E9 Ohms/sq.) of the floor (i.e., The thicker the floor finish, the more conductive the floor becomes).
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