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Question I have some benches on carpet, can I get away with ESD mats and ground straps? - Anonymous, Campbell, CA
Answer Assuming the carpet is insulative and non-antistatic, you'll need to protect the benches by placing them and the work area on grounded ESD floor mats, extending at least 3 feet from the working area. In addition, the bench tops should also provide protection by using grounded ESD bench mats anywhere you work or store ESD sensitive components. You want to ensure that the ESD bench mats are dissipative so they don't cause ESD events. Depending on activity, ground straps should be used on both the feet (left and right) and one wrist (or smock) per person. Minimum protection (once floor and bench mats are installed) is to employ a wrist strap and a CPG (common point ground) placed near the front of the bench (for easy and immediate access).
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