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Question looking for options to convert an existing carpeted room to an equipment room approx 500 sf. would be nice if we didn’t have to pull up the carpet and just lay down esd mats between the racks. btw, the racks will be grounded by the equipment vendor. pls advise. -Anonymous
Answer There are several things that you could do to make the floor static dissipative. First you might consider using our Carpet and Fabric Protector which controls the generation and build-up of static charges on carpeting and fabric chairs. You can find this on our website. You may also want to lay down ESD mats in the critical areas, such as you described between the racks. The mats should be grounded. You may also want to consider putting common point ground blocks on each rack to allow easy plug-in of operators wrist straps when working on the racks. The mat selection is dependent on the layout and application. If you want the most flexibility with layout and will primarily be standing on the mats when working on the racks, then our conductive Type i - antifatigue Rubber Interlocking System which is ergonomically designed with dome/support cell structures to improve worker comfort and productivity. There are several other products to choose from for your floors.
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