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Question I have a question about the foot strap heel grounders. If a strap was to break meaning the strap that goes inside the shoe, can you tie two together to make it work correctly or stitch two together so it can reach into the shoe? We've had this problem in the past and they have been throwing them away and issuing new ones. Can this be done and if so what would be the correct way of doing such? Please respond back to me through email. I'd prefer not to have someone contact me by phone. - Anonymous
Answer The conductive strap is made with continuous conductive fibers. If these fibers were to break, it would be difficult (thought not impossible) to re-connect them together electrically. The cost to do this would probably exceed the cost of a new unit.I'd suggest using high-end foot grounders to solve this problem. High-end foot grounders will not break like this and give you the most value for your investment. We even have a Life-Time (high-end) foot grounder that we had recently introduced into our line.
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