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Question We have been working on ESD reduction to below 5 volts level in HGA (recording head assembly) manufacturing. We are responsible for dynamic electrical tester about 800 systems and looking for a proper solution to neutralize at tester working area 1 feet x 2 feet which involving with cables, keyboard, connectors and air hose. We hate to cover on replace the piece parts on those tester with dissipative materials, which are not practical. We are looking for something that we can install and get rid of the problem while has no effect to noise level of the test system (the tester system is very sensitive to noise and vibration). - Anonymous, Thailand
Answer There are two things you can do. Because your level is so critical, (at 5 volts), this will limit some technologies. (1) You can use a topical antistat and dissipative spray that can coat these surfaces to help reduce the hazard of these charge generators. A good solution would be ESD Systems Reztore™ Topical Antistat. (2) Use of an isolated corona based selective Air Ionizer. This would have to be mounted in isolation as the fans do oscillate and could cause noise to some very sensitive devices. The Air Ionizer would easily protect an area of 1 foot by 2 foot. The best choice would be our A/C Bench Top Ionizer which has been known to balance at less than plus or minus 5 Volts. Special consideration for mounting would need to be engineered in the placement of this device into your ESDS area.
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