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Questions And Answers

# Question Rating Category(s) Date
48 We're developing a prototype device that has a large video m... 100% ESD
92 What are the best standards or guidelines for ESD prevention... 100% ESD
95 What is the acceptable range (or maximum) resistance for a w... 100% ESD
183 I Have two (2) questions. 0% ESD
199 We have problems with the continuous monitors consistently g... 0% ESD
254 We are in the process of procuring ESD material, kindly tell... 20% ESD
276 A safety department employee at a large electronics manufact... 0% ESD
320 We are a packaging house for ESD devices, what is the maximu... 20% ESD, ESD Control Program
325 Wanted to find out the difference in ESD effectiveness of us... 0% ESD, ESD Control Program
372 My name is Tulio and I work at Jabil Circuito do Brasil. I h... 0% ESD, ESD Control Program, Standards
378 We are in the process of implementing an ESD program. the pe... 99% ESD, ESD Control Program, Insulators, Ionization
415 During electrostatic discharge what radio wave spectrum is b... 80% EMI, ESD
416 I have a PC user that has used four PCs in the last three mo... 0% EMI, ESD
642 I am working on a product that uses mild electrostatics to a... 0% ESD, Industrial ESD
659 Could you please tell me exactly how fast the electron/proto... 0% ESD, ESD Models
670 We have some test equipment that is ESD sensitive to anythin... 0% ESD, ESD Models 9/1/2000
697 What different controls are needed to meet Class 0 of the H... 0% ESD, ESD Models, Standards 6/6/2000
703 I have a "fluidized bed" of polystyrene beads - essentially ... 0% Antistatic (Low Charging), ESD, Industrial ESD 3/8/2001
713 When I teach ESDS all I have to show is one terrible video t... 0% ESD, Training, Education 4/24/2001
717 My daughter has a cochlear implant which is susceptible to f... 0% ESD, Static Electricity, Electricity 5/3/2001