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Questions And Answers

# Question Rating Category(s) Date
1 Why do some ESD ground cords have resistors in them and othe... 84% Audits, Bags, Simulators
2 I usually wear one foot grounder, but have been told to wear... 97% Chairs, Resistance
3 Do we need a 1 Megohm resistor connection between machine an... 77% Benches, Carts, Foot Wear
4 What is the purpose of a 1 Megohm resistor in semiconductor ... 98% ESD Control Program, Wrist Straps
5 Do tote boxes need to have lids on while boards are in them?... 95% Audits, Bags, Resistance
6 If a mat and the wrist strap are connected together, do they... 97% Shielding
7 How well does relative humidity of the surrounding atmospher... 82% Grounding
8 Does the %RH need to be at a certain level to get the maximu... 95% RH
9 Can a strong magnetic field (like a magnet) induce ESD? Any ... 76% RH
10 We have an ESD conductive floor in our electrical assembly a... 75% Magnetic
11 What is the minimum requirement or better yet, is there a mi... 76% Grounding
12 Are wrist straps necessary if all other ESD precautions are ... 80% Wrist Straps
13 We have weekly monitoring of [our] ESD work surface to ensur... 90% Wrist Straps
14 The answer to question 6 says that if the operator, ESD mat,... 94% Test Equipment
15 Why the ESD shielding bag may discharge the static? What is ... 100% Grounding
16 We have customers who manufacture printed circuit boards and... 93% Shielding
17 A cohort purchased several "wireless" ESD wrists straps for ... 93% Audits
18 If a device is put into a box with the leads floating, and t... 95% Wrist Straps
19 Some of our ESD benches have the wrist strap going directly ... 83% Grounding
20 I am looking for a machinable conductive plastic material fo... 100% Wrist Straps