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Questions And Answers

# Question Rating Category(s) Date
1 Why do some ESD ground cords have resistors in them and othe... 84% Audits, Bags, Simulators
5 Do tote boxes need to have lids on while boards are in them?... 95% Audits, Bags, Resistance
17 A cohort purchased several "wireless" ESD wrists straps for ... 93% Audits
190 In our configuration room we have approximately 1300+ feet o... 0% Audits
777 How do we economically field-test our service technicians wr... 0% Audits, Field Service, Test Equipment 10/20/2000
789 I need an evaluation of our test area. We have already had a... 0% Audits, ESD, ESD Control Program 10/24/2000
802 We have a field mat we use to repackage ESD material. We are... 0% Audits, Test Equipment 10/13/2000
884 I am the new QA person here and I am in the process of writi... 96% Audits, ESD, ESD Control Program 12/13/2000
937 At what interval should An ESD control program test solderin... 0% Audits, Standards, Solder Irons 8/14/2000
1038 What's the most practical way of checking ESD grounding with... 0% Audits, Grounding 9/20/2001