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Questions And Answers

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90 I have been asked by a customer to supply "ESD certified" er... 0% Packaging
108 1. I want to know the quality of cordless wrist strap. It is... 0% Packaging
113 I am running a functional test on an aircraft and I get a fa... 100% Packaging
121 We are wanting to get rid of our heel straps and convert to ... 100% Packaging
149 Are there any standards on how to measure or characterize an... 0% Packaging
160 What should I look for or be concerned about in a drag chain... 100% Packaging
221 In your data sheet here you presented that the effectively i... 0% Packaging
240 I have a question regarding the wearing of ESD smocks. In th... 80% Packaging
261 I am moving to a leased office, and the landlord doesn't wan... 0% Packaging
272 Does the human body have electrical resistance? What amount ... 0% Packaging
279 What is my best choice of test equipment for measuring resis... 0% Packaging
285 I wonder how effective and reliable is grounding through dai... 0% Packaging
302 Could you please advise what is moisture class of an ESD Flo... 0% Packaging
312 Could you please provide a simple (non-scientist) definition... 83% Packaging
314 Is there a way of simulating an ESD-damage to an electronic ... 100% Packaging
334 A User has our two layer rubber matting (type T2). They have... 0% Packaging
349 A PCB we are manufacturing has a lithium battery installed. ... 0% Packaging
356 How are the electronics inside plastic cell phones and hand ... 0% Electric Fields, Faraday Cage, Packaging
366 1) If I have AVIONIC units that are capped and plugged and w... 0% ESD Control Program, Packaging
391 If parts (resistors,pwb,) are placed inside a Pink Poly Bag ... 100% Bags, Packaging