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Question We have untreated cement flooring in an ESD-safe area. It measures no static voltage even when attempting to tribocharge it. Would it be safe to assume that since the concrete absorbs moisture from the ground it would be safe to use untreated? What is the industry standard regarding cement flooring? Even if it doesn't generate static it is an uncontrolled surface. Can you give me the reasoning behind why we should treat the floor? - Anonymous, Portland , OR
Answer Untreated concrete does hold moisture and could be used as an ESD floor except for one thing. It is subject to drying out and becoming an insulator. There is no standard on cement floors per se. The standard from the ESD Association is ANSI ESD-S7.1. You can contact them at eosesd@aol.com. A usual fix is to use one of the following: ESD paint, ESD floor finish, ESD tiles, or ESD epoxy floors.
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