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Question In the production of pads, which are used to fine and polish optical lenses, our laminating machine builds up very high static charges. The material that creates the highest static charge when separated is Mylar. My question is, will an overhead ionizer neutralize this charge? If so what size would we need and are there any other options? The material is on a roll 9 inches wide, it is unrolled, laminated, cut, and respooled at the opposite end of the machine. - Ed, Muskogee, OK
Answer This polishing operation is creating surface charge via triboelectric generation. Mylar being an insulator can only be controlled with an ionizer. An overhead ionizer is a good choice, as it will adequately cover an area of up to 2’ x 2’x 4’ (for the full-size units), giving you a large protective working area. Another solution may be to deploy a Personal Jr. Ionizer, that will cover a smaller, but more localized area, 1’ x 3.5’ x 1.5’. In either case, I would recommend putting a filter on the inputs of the units, which are available for either units.
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