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Question What is the correct arrangement of conductive or dissipative floor mats, on a dissipative-wax finished tile floor, with or without the use of heel straps? Specifically, is it correct and useful to use a dissipative mat on a dissipative tile floor while using heel straps, while also wearing wrist straps attached to a grounded conductive mat on the work station's surface? - Bill, Signal Technology Corporation, Systems, Webster, MA
Answer It is correct and useful to use a grounded dissipative mat on a dissipative tile floor while wearing heel straps on both feet and a wrist strap attached to a grounded dissipative mat on the work station's surface. As you approach the work station, the heel straps will keep your body (skin) grounded to the floor, so before plugging your wrist strap into the common point ground of your ESD dissipative grounded mat, you will be protecting nearby (possibly in-hand) ESD sensitive components or devices. Usually personnel wearing foot grounders will "sit' at the work station yielding a strong possibility that both feet may come off the floor. Wearing a wrist strap at the work station is a very wise practice. Note: It is advised to use a dissipative mat (10^5 to 10^9 ohms) on the work surface instead of a conductive mat (< 10^4 ohms) to minimize the chance of an ESD event.
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