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Question We would like to know if you have any ESD protective spray to be used on the device. Is "REZTORE TROPICAL ANTISTAT" useful for this purpose. Also we would like to know how long this spray will retain its protective power over the device.
Answer Thank you for your interest in ESD control.

Reztore™ Topical Antistatic is ideal to use on charge generators and work surfaces for the control of ESD. The Reztore™ Topical Antistatic adds a topical layer to the surface adding two important properties; dissipative and antistatic (low tribocharging) to the affected areas.

The use of Reztore™ Topical Antistatic may not be appropriate for devices, such as electronic chips or circuit boards. These types of devices are better protected with proper ESD packaging, such as shielding or dissipative barrier bags.

In a field service application, the ESD sensitive devices should be kept in ESD Safe packaging until ready to be handled by a properly grounded field technician. The use of shielding bags and a field service kit will enhance the ESD control safe practices of your devices.

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