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Question What standards for ESD-testing do you recommend for ICs with more than 500 pins? How does self-heating of the chip during ESD-test affect the result? –Anonymous, Kista-Stockholm, Sweden
Answer There are three tests that should be performed to determine the Integrated Circuit’s (IC’s) ESD-Sensitive (ESDS) Component Classification that are documented standards from the ESD Association (ESDA). (1) ESD-STM5.1 for the Human Body Model; (2) ESD-STM5.2 for the Machine Model; (3) ESD DS5.3.1 for the Charge Device Model. The trick is to find an ESD Simulator that can handle your device for testing. There are a few manufacturers to check with: http://www.barthelectronics.com/ http://www.thermoscientific.com/ http://www.schaffner.com/ http://www.tester.co.uk/ http://www.arctechnical.com/ http://www.hilo-test.de/ 
Follow the standard, but self heating will decrease the mobility of ions/electrons and add other stresses to the device and is typically used for life testing or other stress testing.
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