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Question According to your question no. 4, maximun allowable current flow through human body is 250 microamps, i.e., the resistance must be at least 1 Megohm for 250 V power supply. But I have checked the spec of most of the footwear tester, the lower limit is 750 kilohms. If the resistance of our shoes falls to this resistance, the checker will still shows 'good', is these testers suitable for use? Remark: Some of our floors are conductive. - Anonymous, Malacca, NON, Malaysia
Answer Actually, you are safe as long as you are below the perception level as indicated in DOD-HDBK-263, Section, Table VIII, (Ref.: MIL-STD-454), which is 0 - 1 mA AC at 60 Hz. This would imply that you'd be safe with an equivalent resistance to ground of greater than 250 kilohms, therefore 750 kilohms would be safe. Note that this table does not accommodate large variable variations in body size, body capatitance, individual skin conductivity, medical conditions, etc. Always check with your Safety Officer before defining your safety limits.
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