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Question What's the most practical way of checking ESD grounding without using sophisticated equipment? Thanks! - Anonymous, Binan, Laguna, Philippines
Answer Checking ESD Grounding according to ANSI/ESD S20.20 requires different euqipment [in brackets below] for veryfying different ground connections such as Grounding/Bonding Systems, Personnel Ground, Protected Areas and ESD Packaging.

Grounding / Bonding Systems:
Equipment Ground - [ohmeter]
Common Point Ground - [ohmeter]
Equipotential Bonding - [megohmeter]
Auxiliary Ground - [ohmeter]

Personnel Ground:
Wrist Strap Systems [wrist strap testers or monitors]
Seated Operations [megohmeter]
Standing Operations [footwear testers]
Flooring – Footwear Systems [megohmeter or combo tester]

Protected Area:
Work Surface - [megohmeter or continuous monitor]
Wrist Strap Cord - [ohmeter or megohmeter]
Footwear - [footwear tester]
Flooring - [megohmeter]
Seating - [megohmeter]
Shelving - [megohmeter]
Mobile Equipment - [megohmeter]
Equipment - [ohmeter and megohmeter]
Garments - [megohmeter]

ESD Packaging:
Conductive - [megohmeter]
Dissipative - [megohmeter]
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