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Question How to calibrate the workstation continuous monitor? - Hongyu Fu, JDS Uniphase (Shenzhen) Corporation, Shenzhen , China
Answer Our Workstation Continuous Monitors are designed with a novel technology, using Waveform Distortion. 

What the wave form distortion monitor looks at is not the impedance level, but at the waveform generated by the circuit. Current will lead voltage at various points due to the combinations of resistance and capacitive reactance. (There is a negligible amount of inductive reactance from the coil cord.) By monitoring these "distortions" or phase shifts the WDM will determine if the circuit is complete i.e.; the wearer is in the circuit and the total equivalent DC resistance is within specifications given a range of installations.

What does this all mean in layman's terms? Essentially the unit will monitor the operator by sending a "signature" signal down the coil cord to the operator's wrist. The operator acts as a load and will reflect that signal back to the monitor with a different signature. The monitor will then compare the reflected signature to its factory pre-set signatures. If the signal is within the "good" range, the operator passes and the monitor will continue its work. If the signature is "not" good, the monitor will go into an alarm-state to warn the operator to stop working and fix the
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