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Question OK so let's start with the given fact that I am 'extremely dumb'. So help me
out here.

What I need are advantages of our tape being thicker.
Does our 'thicker' tape perform better?
The other manufacturers claim their 'thinner' tapes performance is the same
as ours, true or false?
I guess their price is more competitive because its thinner?

In the attachment with this mail we have given you price comparisons of the
two main competitors in Europe. We are struggling to justify our higher
prices, when the competition claim the same properties as our tape!

"We are selling into Europe to end users at a price less than your distributor price"
The above claim came from our distributor in Portugal, is this true?

Carlos, Marco from Quaser will ask all the above questions when he visits
you next month.

Answer Sorry for the delay.

First, our polyimide tape is the only one that can truly be called Kapton®.

Polyimide is the generic name for this film, when Dupont® makes it, it is called Kapton®.

We only sell our tape at list price.
Your distributor pricing should be in aligned to allow your distributors to compete with our list pricing.

The film thickness of 0.19 mm v. 0.07 mm is an advantage to the end user by providing better thermal protection to the surface it is adhering to. I am working on getting more information about the advantages with the manufacturer of a thicker tape.
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