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Question Can heel grounding straps be cleaned somehow? And if so, how?
Answer See Tech Brief PS-2030 Cleaning “Foot grounders are to ground static charges, while dirt generally provides an insulative layer adversely effecting reliability. For proper operation, the Foot Grounder and its conductive strip must be kept clean. The rubber portion of the Foot Grounder should be cleaned using Reztore™ Antistatic Surface & Mat Cleaner or “Static-Wipes” wipers. An alternative would be to clean using isopropyl alcohol. The cleaning products are specially formulated for cleaning ESD control components and are silicone free. This is critical as silicone is an insulator. ESD cleaners should not be used to clean the nylon polyester grounding tab. Foot Grounders can be safely hand or machine washed on gentle cycle. Mild detergents, such as Woolite® or a liquid dish washing product and warm water are recommended. However, care must be taken to ensure that these detergents are silicone free.”
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