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Question We are using the anti static fabric for our uniform. It was tested as conductive. The uniforms have been custom made and the manufacturer said not to iron the clothes after washing. Is this scientifically true? How do you treat or clean anti static fabric?

See “Maintenance” on page 3 of Statshield® ESD Smock Tech Brief PS-2048;

Ironing should not be done as “The carbon-suffused monofilament nylon is sensitive to heat”.


“For proper operation, the ESD protective smock must be laundered periodically.  Woolite works well. Liquid detergents are better than dry in that there is less caking and frictional wear. Launder garment in cool or warm water, tumble dry with low heat or hang dry. In terms of laundering the smocks by hand or with a washing machine, most prefer using a washing machine. This works well if using a standard house machine on gentle cycle. Industrial machines are fine if "Pony" (typically under 200 pound loads) machines are used. It is not recommended to launder these garments in heavy industrial laundry machines as it will lead to premature wear. Garments should be tumbled dry using low heat. DO NOT BLEACH.


The carbon-suffused mono-filament nylon is sensitive to heat and should not be exposed to laundering heat in excess of 120°F. Use only non-ionic softeners and detergents when laundering. Under normal wearing and recommended washing conditions, Desco Statshield® ESD protective smocks will maintain their usefulness and effectiveness for a minimum of 100 washings. Some other ESD smocks have as little as 1% suffused carbon and lose their ESD protective qualities after a few washings.”

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