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Question Could you advise on the most effective method by which work stations may be grounded? - Stephen King, Viking Components Europe, Dublin, Ireland
Answer There are two things that are highly recommended for an ESD Safe work area (ESD Workstation) relative to grounding. Ground all personnel handling or at the ESD Safe work area (usually with grounded wrist straps). This method involves having in place a common point ground (grounded to the system or earth ground), wearing an ESD wrist band and connecting that wrist band (usually a coil cord with a 1 megohm resistor molded into the snap and in series with the ground path) with a ground cord to the common point ground. Ground the working surface with a dissipative mat. The mat should cover the working area where the ESD sensitive devices are handled. The ESD mat is commonly ground with a common point ground cord that is snapped onto the mat for easy access and electrically connects the mat to ground. Some other precautions to take would include removing all charge generating materials that are not necessary in the ESD Safe work area or if necessary, control them with ionization. Also make sure all ESDS (electrostatic discharge sensitive) devices are in ESD protective packaging and not directly handled until placed on the grounded mat.
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