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Question For a working area whereby wrist strap is not convenient to be used, can a grounded (connected to mains earth) metal sheet be used instead of conductive floor? Is this setup complied to the safety requirement of ESD setup? Is the operator wearing heel straps and working on the metal floor exposed to "Electrical Shock" if ELCB fails? - HY, Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
Answer For ESD Control applications for semiconductors and electronics, we would not recommend a metal grounded floor, but rather a high-end conductive or low-end dissipative (1x10^4 As long as the operator is wearing a UL approved Foot grounder, and not bypassing their path to ground by directly touching the floor with another part of their body, then there is adequate protection from electrification by 250 VAC or less via the 1 megohm (or larger) discrete resistor in series with the personal ground path.
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